All About Architects

What is an architect?

This is an individual who designs, plans and subsequently supervises and reviews construction works. This may include construction of buildings as well as the surrounding areas.

How do you become an architect?

To become an architect in the United Kingdom, one must have a degree in architecture and have successfully completed an internship in an architectural firm or environment. This can be supplemented by other trainings and certifications including uk construction training.

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Globally, all architectural designs and works must attain specific quality standards that may vary from one state to another. As such, architects are required to register with an active professional body as well as get the prerequisite operating licenses. Relevant education, experience and passing the certification examinations are the major conditions for registration and certification. Besides this, architects are expected to keep abreast with all new developments and legislation in the field.

What are the roles of an architect?

Architects are tasked with designing functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing buildings for their clients. At times, this may include coming up with several building designs for presentation to the client, who then chooses the design that is most suitable with respect to their needs. This is especially useful in cases where the client has not identified the design they prefer.

Architects also advice their clients on different technical aspects of the building in order to ensure that the client chooses the most viable building design. This also encompasses advice on standards and legislation for compliance purposes.

In some instances, the architects may be tasked with recruiting the building contractors. Here they identify the most qualified and experienced contractor for the job while keeping in mind the client's budget and project timeline.

They also supervise the construction work to ensure it is in accordance with the designs, quality standards and the law. This necessitates regular site visits during the construction phase.

Why would someone need an architect?

Hiring an architect enhances adherence to quality standards and the law given their knowledge and experience in this field. This prevents costly mistakes from happening and ensures that a desirable and fitting end product is achieved.

Buildings require a great attention to detail. A seemingly small mistake could lead to the demolition of the whole building if it puts the safety of the end user at risk. Architects understand this and pay great attention to the building materials, the quality of labour and equipment used throughout the process.

Architects can save you money. They can identify the most efficient and economical construction design especially in the face of budgetary constraints. They also design energy efficient buildings to minimise the subsequent cost of running the building once completed. They can also identify the most affordable contractors, the best and affordable source of materials to enhance savings.

Trying to design a building that will serve your needs and oversee its construction can be an uphill task for someone who lacks the technical skills required and has little to no knowledge or the construction codes, quality standards and legislation around the field. Hiring an architect or architectural firm therefore makes life easier for you.